Friday, April 15, 2016

My Phone App Recommendations for Small Business

This post is not about law or lawyers.  It is about apps on my iPhone that I use everyday in my business.  They all contribute to keeping my business life better organized and managed. If you are not using any of these, I recommend giving them a test drive. 

Evernote:  Evernote caused a transformation in my office.  I no longer have a file cabinet full of documents.  Everything is in Evernote, organized into notebooks and with tags that make finding anything a cinch.  The phone app complements the desktop program, and allows me to have in my pocket and thus at my fingertips my full history of office documents for clients, billings, administration, etc.   Download from App Store

Wunderlist:  I tried at least a half dozen to-do apps before I found Wunderlist.  It is by far the best, in my opinion.  I have lists for clients, administration, marketing, personal, and even bucket (list).  It is simple to assign due dates and to schedule recurring events.  I start everyday with the “Today” view, but inevitably also check out the “Week” view to see what is coming up.  Of course, it syncs with the Wunderlist web page and Windows 10 app on my desktop computer.  I am not sure I how I ever managed without it.  Download from App Store

MileIQ:  Using the GPS on my iPhone, this app tracks every drive that I make.  Later, categorizing each drive as “business” or “personal” is as easy as a swipe left of a swipe right.  I now make sure that I never miss a mileage deduction.  Download from App Store

Outlook:  I have 2 Gmail accounts; one business and one personal.  The Gmail app only lets me see emails for one account at a time.  Moreover, to see my calendar, I have to open the separate Google Calendar app.  Outlook combines all of that into one for me.  It displays both of my email accounts at the same time, and includes a calendar feature.  Very convenient.  Download from App Store

1Password:  If you are like me, you have too many login credentials to count (or remember).  I now keep 75 (and growing every week, it seems) login user names and passwords in 1Password, which is secured by a master password and/or touch (fingerprint) ID.    Download from App Store